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Figur 5. Concentrations (mg/kg dry weight, dw) of Hg over time from 2006-2018 analysed in A) claw meat and B) brown meat of boiled crabs captured at the site of U-864, 4 nautical miles (nm) south and 4 nm north of the wreck. Concentrations are given as log10 transformed values, and mean, standard errors and 95% confidence intervals are givens. The horizontal lines represent reference sites on the west coast of Norway south of 62°N. The black horizontal line represents the mean Hg concentration of all 110 crab samples analysed in 2011 on the coast of west Norway south of 62°N (Julshamn m.fl. 2012). The orange lines represent the highest and the lowest mean values among all 11 stations included in the study.
Figur tmpBXI_Xi_html_b6af4434538e8979.jpg