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Figure 9. The bag experiment with cultured Calanus finmarchicus. Top picture: three netting bags holding a 1 litre ziplocked plastic bag. Each ziplocked bag were holding 10 cultured C. finmarchicus. The three bags were placed at 80 m distance from one another. The rope holding the bags was lowered by the starboard rear winch on RV Kristine Bonnevie until the top bag stopped at 9.2 m depth, the one in the centre at 10 m and the bottom at 10.8 m depth. A 3.8 kg weight was at the end of the rope. People on the picture from the right, Emilie Vereide Hernes, Saskia Kühn and Sigurd Hannaas.  Bottom picture: experiment with cultured C. finmarchicus in 3 bags when lowered to the water. Pictures by Karen de Jong (top) and Anne Christine Utne Palm (bottom).
Figure 10b.jpg