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Figure 4. The two autonomous vehicles. Top: Otter (picture from Maritime Robotics), the smallest member of the Maritime Robotics USV family. Dimensions 200 x 108 x 106.5cm and weight of 65kg. Akvaplan-niva's Otter holds an EK80 (200 - 38 kHz and 333 kHz transducers). For more details see https://www.maritimerobotics.com/otter. Bottom: kayak made by IMR. It is 700 cm long and weighs 300 kg. It holds an EK80 200 kHz transducer on its retractable keel. Further it has a GPS vector compass and an AIS. It holds a GoPro camera both below and above water. It has an electrical outboard engine. Pictures of Otter from Maritime Robotics web page, of Kayak by Atle Totland.
Figure 4b.jpg