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Figure 2. Year to year variation in mercury (Hg) concentrations (mg/kg wet weight, ww) in fillet of tusk (Brosme brosme) caught near the wreck of U-864. Top: Concentration of Hg (mg/kg ww, left) and fish weight (g, right) every year from 2005-2019. For each year, mean ± 95% confidence intervals are given, and median values are shown as separate points. The long term mean values are shown as dotted horizontal lines for Hg (maroon) and for fish weight (green). EU and Norway’s maximum level for Hg is marked with a continuous red line. Bottom: Length adjusted Log10Hg (Least square means) per year (2007-2019) obtained by ANCOVA with fish length as covariate. ANCOVA results are shown.
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