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Joar Breivik

Chief Engineer/ Senior Engineer
Telephone: 90062238
Department: Næringsstoff laboratorium


Academic articles


A rapid acid hydrolysis method for the determination of chitin in fish feed supplemented with black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) larvae

Pedro Araujo, Tamirat Tefera, Joar Breivik, Bashir Abdulkader, Ikram Belghit, Erik-Jan Lock
Heliyon 8 p. e09759

Geographical trends of PFAS in cod livers along the Norwegian coast

Stig Valdersnes, Bente M. Nilsen, Joar F. Breivik, Asbjørn Borge and Amund Maage
Plos One 12

A simple liquid extraction protocol for overcoming the ion suppression of triacylglycerols by phospholipids in liquid chromatography mass spectrometry studies

Pedro Araujo, Ephrem Tilahun, Joar Fjørtoft Breivik, Bashir M. Abdulkader, Livar Frøyland, Yingxu Zeng
Talanta 148 p. 463-471

Plackett-Burman Design and Fragmentation Studies to Assist the Comparison of Techniques used to Extract Phospholipids Prior to Regiospecific Characterization by Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Pedro Araujo, Han Zhu, Joar Fjørtoft Breivik, Yingxu Zeng and Svein Mjøs
American Journal of Modern Chromatography 3 p. 1-22

Determination and structural elucidation of triacylglycerols in krill oil by chromatographic techniques

Pedro Araujo, Han Zhu, Joar Fjørtoft Breivik, Jan Idar Hjelle, Yingxu Zeng
Lipids 49 p. 163-172
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