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Capelin Symposium Bergen

Photo: Leif Nøttestad / IMR
Date 10. October 2022 - 13. October 2022 09:00 - 16:00
Location Meetingroom "Pynten" at IMR, Bergen, Norway
Web page CSB 2022 webpage

The Institute of Marine Research is hosting the «Capelin Symposium Bergen» (CSB 2022) together with ICES og IASC.

CSB Symposium banner 2022

Goal of the symposium

This 4-day ICES symposium on capelin will seek to revise and expand our knowledge base on capelin biology, ecology, and roles in Arctic and Sub-Arctic ecosystems, with focus on capelin stocks in the (i) Barents Sea, (ii) waters around Iceland–East Greenland–Jan Mayen, (iii) the Newfoundland–Labrador Shelf, and (iv) Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea. 

The symposium will consist of four theme sessions and will include both oral and poster presentations and panel discussions, covering topics ranging from the bottom-up processes that affect the capelin habitat and population dynamics, to the impact of variable capelin production on the larger food web and the challenges that stock assessors and managers face when monitoring, assessing and setting fisheries quotas for this keystone forage fish in a changing environment.

Deadline for abstract: 15 April
Early-bird deadline: 5 August
Late registration deadline: 8 September