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REDUS –  Closing Seminar 

Date 02. December 2020 - 04. December 2020
Location Nettmøte

Seminar open to all, marking the end the Reduced Uncertainty in Stock Assessment (REDUS) project. 

2nd - 4th December 2020, 11:00 - 14:00 CET
 REDUS is an strategic project at the Institute of Marine Research which started in 2016 and now will finish in 2020. 
The goal was to measure and reduce the uncertainty in stock assessment for the most important fish stocks in Norway. 

The seminar will be digital, and open to all. 

Read the program here.

You can join the seminar here: 

Day 1 (2.12) 

Day 2 (3.12)

Day 3 (4.12)