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Workshop on Advances in pragmatic computational methodologies for fish stock assessment

Photo: Institute of Marine Research
Date 28. March 2023 - 29. March 2023 09:30 - 14:00
Location Meetingroom

Workshop on Advances in pragmatic computational methodologies for fish stock assessment, human impact, and environmental factor on marine ecosystem

Workshop description and scope

The main goal of this workshop will be to share knowledge about practical deterministic/stochastic approaches to investigate fish stock assessment, complex marine ecosystems, and optimization for specific business issues. The workshop will also examine how these methodologies can be applied to time series data from marine ecosystems, such as data from scientific surveys conducted by IMR.

The workshop brings together statisticians from Japan, France, UK, Italy and Singapore in addition to domestic scientists, and covers a broad range of data science, including e.g. machine learning, complex system, statistical testing, causal inference, statistical information criterion, differential equation modelling, spatial modelling, multivariate analysis, and so on.

Participation from scientists at IMR is especially welcomed. We prefer in-person participation for this workshop. However, if you for some reason is being away from Bergen, Teams can be used. In that case, please contact hiroko.solvang@hi.no at 26th at latest.

Organization and Funding

Local organizer: Hiroko K. Solvang, IMR

The workshop is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion (JPSP) of Science Kiban (S) No.18H05290 (Prof. Masanobu Taniguchi, Waseda University, Japan) “Introduction of general causality to various data and its innovation of the optimal inference” and Waseda Research Institute for Science & Engineering, Institute for Mathematica Science. 

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