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Project: StoX

Period 01. oktober 2015 -

An open source approach to acoustic and swept area survey calculations

StoX is an open source software developed at IMR, Norway to analyze survey data and calculate survey estimates from acoustic and swept area surveys. The program is a stand-alone application for easy sharing and further development in cooperation with other institutes.

“StoX is designed as a tool for transparent and reproducible survey estimation across nations and survey objectives. All methods, user settings and links to input data are documented in a description file. A process is a user‐defined call to one function available in a library of functions defined by StoX. Any StoX model can be modified by changing parameters of the processes, adding or removing processes and by rearranging their order of execution. Different StoX functions require one or more input datasets, which can be data files or output from previously executed processes.”https://doi.org/10.1111/2041-210X.13250.


Stox 3.1.0