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HRH Crown Prince Haakon opens climate conference in Bergen


In April, leading climate scientists will gather in Bergen to discuss how climate change is affecting the ocean.

Sea floor

IMR believes impact assessment fails to take into account knowledge gaps


According to marine scientists, it fails to take into account important gaps in our knowledge about the natural environment and bottom currents in the impact assessment area.

makrell fangst med pumpe

A new way of measuring fish welfare in wild-capture fisheries


When excessive quantities of mackerel are crowded tightly together in the net, the fish experience poor welfare.

 MG 6928

Launching into an EU project to farm kelp and mussels at offshore wind farms


“As scientists, we have a responsibility not just to find problems, but also to solve them”, says Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, the CEO of the Institute of Marine Research.

HI 041123 (1)

How we analyze thousands of seafood samples every year


Join us in a tour through our labs and meet our scientists.