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Topic: Tagged species

The Institute of Marine Research has several projects where labelling of different fish species is included. The marks contain data on the temperature of the sea, how deep the fish has swum, how much it has grown since it was marked, etc. 

Have you caught a tagged fish or crab?

If you find a fish or crab with one of the Institute of Marine Research's tags, we would very much like to know about it. Click in on the species you've been given and read what you need to do. Maybe you'll get a finder's salary?

Have you been lucky enough to get a salmon with a tag attached to the dorsal fin? The fish you have caught has been set out to map the survival and migration to escaped farmed salmon. We rely on your help and would be very grateful if you could send the badge/tag together with the following information to the Institute of Marine Research: 

•    Tag number 
•    Where the fish was caught and date 
•    Size (weight and length) 
•    Catch tool 

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