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Yiou Mike Zhu

Mike Zhu
Telefon: 55238500
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Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Differences in nutrient and undesirable substance concentrations in Maurolicus muelleri across the Bay of Biscay, Norwegian fjords, and the North Sea

Yiou Mike Zhu, Atabak Mahjour Azad, Marian Kjellevold, Carlos Bald, Bruno Iñarra, Paula Alvarez, Guillermo Boyra, Marc HG Berntssen, Lise Madsen, Martin Wiech
Frontiers in Marine Science 10

Progress and direction in the use of stable isotopes to understand complex coral reef ecosystems: a review

C Skinner, MRD Cobain, Y Zhu, ASJ Wyatt, NVC Polunin

Offshore pelagic subsidies dominate carbon inputs to coral reef predators

C Skinner, AC Mills, MD Fox, SP Newman, Y Zhu, A Kuhl, NVC Polunin

Intra-specific and assemblage trophic interactions at Longqi hydrothermal vent field and comparisons to the East Scotia Ridge and Central Indian Ridge hydrothermal vent fields

WDK Reid, BD Wigham, L Marsh, JNJ Weston, Y Zhu, JT Copley

Far-field carbon sources dominate pelagic subsidies to coral-reef predators

C Skinner, AC Mill, SP Newman, Y Zhu, A Kuhl, NVC Polunin

Fish stable-isotope community structure of a Bahamian coral reef

Y Zhu, WDK Reid, SP Newman, NVC Polunin
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