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Sarah Joanne Lerch

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Telephone: 40611252
Department: Plankton

Curriculum Vitae

Diatom physiology, Diatom metabolism, Diatom nutrient metabolism, Phytoplankton ecology, Molecular biology, Metatranscriptomic sample preparation and analysis, coding and super computers, high resolution microscopy, teaching


Academic articles


Oligotrophic waters of the Northwest Atlantic support taxonomically diverse diatom communities that are distinct from coastal waters

Samantha P. Setta, Sarah Lerch, Bethany D. Jenkins, Sonya T. Dyhrman, Tatiana A. Rynearson
The Phycological Society of America

Understanding Diatom Cell Wall Silicification- Moving Forward

Mark Hildebrand, Sarah J.L. Lerch, Roshan Shrestha
Frontiers in Marine Science, Marine Biogeochemistry p. 5

Characterization of a New Protein Family Associated with the Silica Deposition Vesicle Membrane Enables Genetic Manipulation of Diatom Silica

Sarah J.L. Lerch, Benoit Tesson, Mark Hildebrand
Scientific Reports 7

Diatom silica biomineralization: Parallel development of approaches and understanding

Mark Hildebrand, Sarah J.L. Lerch
Seminars in Cell Developmental Biology

Electronically transparent graphene replicas of diatoms: a new technique for the investigation of frustule morphology

Zhengwei Pan, Sarah J. L. Lerch, Liang Xu, Xufan Li, Yen-Jun Chuang, Jane Y. Howe, Shannon M. Mahurin, Sheng Dai, Mark Hildebrand
Scientific Reports 4
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