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EU research and innovation Director-General visits the IMR

Smits og Rogne

Havforskingsdirektør Sissel Rogne og Robert-Jan Smits snakka om kursen til havforskinga og rolla framover.

Robert-Jan Smits, the Director-General of research and innovation in the EU, visits the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen wednesday.

The big EU-programme Horizon2020 is mid-way, and the planning of FP9 – the ninth EU framework for research and innovation – is well under way. In this process, the Director-General has visited Norway several times. This week, he is in Bergen.

– The research is important for everyone

Dutch Robert-Jan Smits played a key role in the Horizon2020-programme. He is an advocate of Open Science, where the research process and sharing of knowledge is important.

– The ocean is a key topic for future research. It is an endless frontier in which science and innovation will benefit the entire Europe. The Institute of Marine Research is an amazing institute which plays an important role, nationally and internationally.

Ideas for the next framework

The review of data, infrastructure and marine research in general was on the agenda at the IMR meeting. IMR researchers presented examples of how to connect science to innovation and the society.

The IMR has sent a position paper to Robert-Jan Smits, to contribute to the direction of the next Framework programme (FP9). Among the suggestions are an increased focus on sustainable growth in aquaculture of all trophic levels (shellfish, seaweed etc.), future food production in sea and coastal areas, and a management based on ecosystem research.