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IMR and NIFES share the same homepage


The Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and The National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) now share the same homepage. This is due to the process of merging the two institutes. The formal date for the merge is the 1th of January 2018.

The most noticeable changes are found on the front page, and in the top menu. We are gradually updating the underlying pages to the same design. Non-functioning links may occur in the process. If so happens, be kind and give us a notice about the link and the page where it belongs. Send to nyhet@imr.no.

The new organization is not fully established yet. The final organizational chart and other relevant new information will be published consecutively. Be aware that some present information about the two institutes, is valid only until the merge has come into force.

The present search for employees, allows you to look for both NIFES and IMR employees.