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What happened to the big saithe we tagged off Lofoten?


One was eaten by a whale, another caught by a local fisherman called Håkon, and three returned to the same spot they were tagged a year ago.

Hvilesporer og hyfer i makrellnyre

New species of Ichthyophonus parasite discovered


A new study reveals that the variety of Ichthyophonus found by researchers in mackerel is a new species, and not the one typically found in herring.

HI 041389

IMR and UN collaborate on Special Journal Issue dedicated to Climate Change and Seafood Safety


Seafood safety in a changing environment is the focus of the recent special issue of Environmental Pollution, a joint effort by IMR and UN-IAEA. Two out of eleven papers were written by IMR scientists.

HI 027799

Barents Sea: Recommends a capelin quota of up to 62.000 tons for 2023


Low capelin growth and lack of survey coverage on Russian side makes the advice lower than last year.