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John Tyler Trochta

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Telefon: 55238500
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  • Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE) of various ICES stocks
  • Multispecies interactions in MSE
  • Simulation modeling and testing, particularly of stock assessment methods
  • Single-species modelling

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

May 2021 - Present: Researcher,  Demersal Fish Group , Institute of Marine Research,

2014 - 2021: Graduate Research Assistant, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2012 - 2014: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Great Lakes Research Center, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA

2011 - 2012: Field Technician, Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association, Kenai, USA


2014 - 2021: PhD in Fishery Sciences, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington, USA

2009 - 2013: BSc in Environmental Engineering, Michigan Technological University, USA


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Arctic Fisheries Working Group (AFWG; outputs from 2022 meeting)

Daniel Howell, Jane Aanestad Godiksen, Caroline Aas Tranang, Erik Berg, Matthias Bernreuther, Bjarte Bogstad, Olav Nikolai Breivik, Jose Miguel Casas, Laura Clain, Elise Eidset, Elena Eriksen, Johanna Jennifer Elisabeth Fall, Maria Fossheim, Harald Gjøsæter, Sofie Gundersen, Elvar Halldor Hallfredsson, Hannes Höffle, Edda Johannessen, Kjell Harald Nedreaas, Anders Nielsen, Georg Skaret, Arved Staby, Brian Stock, Samuel Subbey, Ross Tallman, John Tyler Trochta, Tone Vollen, Kristin Windsland
ICES Scientific Reports 5 p. 1-507

A novel approach for directly incorporating disease into fish stock assessment: a case study with seroprevalence data

Trochta, J.T., Groner, M.L., Hershberger, P.K., Branch, T.A.
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 79 p. 611-630

Applying Bayesian model selection to determine ecological covariates for recruitment and natural mortality in stock assessment

John Tyler Trochta, Trevor A Branch
ICES Journal of Marine Science 78 p. 2875-2894

The highs and lows of herring: A meta-analysis of patterns and factors in herring collapse and recovery

Trochta, J.T., Branch, T.A., Shelton, A.O., Hay, D.E.
Fish and Fisheries 21 p. 639-662

Ecosystem-based fisheries management: Perception on definitions, implementations, and aspirations

Trochta, J.T., Pons, M., Rudd, M.B., Krigbaum, M., Tanz, A., Hilborn, R.
PloS one 13

Evaluating signals of oil spill impacts, climate, and species interactions in Pacific herring and Pacific salmon populations in Prince William Sound and Copper River, Alaska.

Ward, E.J., Adkison, M., Couture, J., Dressel, S.C., Litzow, M.A., Moffitt, S., Neher, T.H., Trochta, J., Brenner, R.
PloS One

Remote sensing of physical cycles in Lake Superior using a spatio-temporal analysis of optical water typologies.

Trochta, J.T., Mouw, C.B., Moore, T.S.
Remote Sensing of Environment 171 p. 149-161
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