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Thomas Fraser

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Avdeling: Reproduksjon og utviklingsbiologi


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


DMSO effects larval zebrafish (Danio rerio) behavior, with additive and interaction effects when combined with positive controls

Christou M, A Kavaliauskis, E Ropstad, TWK Fraser
Science of the Total Environment 709 p. 134490

Is it advantageous for Atlantic salmon to be triploid at lower temperatures

Riseth EN, TWK Fraser, F Sambraus, LH Stien, M Hvas
Journal of Thermal Biology 89 p. 102548

Triploid Atlantic salmon Salmo salar have a higher dietary phosphorus requirement for bone mineralisation during the very early stages of development

Sambraus F, TJ Hansen, BS Daae, A Thorsen, R Sandvik, LH Stein, TWK Fraser, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Fish Biology 97 p. 137-147

Calcium signaling as a possible mechanism behind increased locomotor response in zebrafish larvae exposed to a human relevant persistent organic pollutant mixture or PFOS

Christou M, TWK Fraser, V Berg, E Ropstad, JH Kamstra
Environmental Research 187 p. 109702

No environmental effect on vaccine-induced reduced growth in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar smolts

Fraser TWK, PG Fjelldal, I Sommerset, T Støfteland, O Høstmark, MD Powell, V Heen, TJ Hansen
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 12 p. 327-338

Production and verification of the first Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) clonal lines

Hansen TJ, C Real, D Penman, KA Glover, TWK Fraser, T Vågseth, A Thorsen, AGE Sørvik, PG Fjelldal
BMC Genetics 21 p. 71

Phosphorus nutrition in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar): Life stage and temperature effects on bone pathologies

Fraser TWK, E Witten, S Albrektsen, O Breck, R Fontanillas, L Nankervis, TH Thomsen, W Koppe, F Sambraus, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture 511 p. 734246

Termination of puberty in out-of-season male Atlantic salmon smolts

Fraser TWK, PG Fjelldal, R Schulz, B Norberg, T Hansen
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 185 p. 125-131

Radiological changes during fracture and repair in neural and haemal spines of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua).

Fjelldal PG, T van der Meeren, TWK Fraser, F Sambraus, L Jawad, TJ Hansen
Journal of Fish Diseases 41 p. 1871-1875

Sub-lethal UV radiation during early life stages alters the behaviour, heart rate and oxidative stress parameters in zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Hurem S, TWK Fraser, T Gomes, I Mayer, T Christensen
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 166 p. 359-365

Mycotoxins induce developmental toxicity and behavioural aberrations in zebrafish larvae

Khezri A, JGH Jusdado, E Ropstad, TWK Fraser
Environmental Pollution 242 p. 500-506

Changes in water temperature and oxygen: The effect of triploidy on performance and metabolism in large farmed salmon

Sambraus F, M Remen, RE Olsen, TJ Hansen, R Waagbø, T Torgersen, EJ Lock, A Imsland, TWK Fraser, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 10 p. 157-172

A human based mixture of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) alters the stress response in female mice and their offspring

Hudecova AM, KEA Hansen, S Mandel, HF Berntsen, A Khezri, T Bale, TWK Fraser, KE Zimmer, E Ropstad
Chemosphere 197 p. 585-593

Endocrine disruptors effect larval zebrafish behavior: Testing potential mechanisms and comparisons of behavioral sensitivity to alternative biomarkers

Fraser TWK, A Khezri, AM Lewandowska-Sabat, T Henry, E Ropstad
Aquatic Toxicology 193 p. 128-135

Uncontrollable chronic stress reduces growth disparities in farmed Atlantic salmon

Vindas MA, A Madaro, TWK Fraser, E Höglund, RE Olsen, TS Kristiansen, Ø Øverli
Physiology & Behavior 179 p. 246-252

Toxicant induced behavioural aberrations in larval zebrafish are dependent on minor methodological alterations

Fraser TWK, A Khezri, JGH Jusdado, AM Lewandowska-Sabat, T Henry, E Ropstad
Toxicology Letters 276 p. 62-68

A mixture of persistant organic pollutants and PFOS induce similar behavioural responses, but have different gene expression profiles in zebrafish larvae

Khezri A, TWF Fraser, R Nourizadeh-Lilabadi, J Kamstra, V Berg, K Zimmer, E Ropstad
International Journal of Molecular Toxicology 18 p. 291

Increased dietary phosphorus prevents vertebral deformities in triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Fjelldal PG, TJ Hansen, EJ Lock, A Wargelius, TWK Fraser, F Sambraus, A El-Mowafi, S Albrektsen, R Waagbø, R Ørnsrud
Aquaculture Nutrition 22 p. 72-90

Coping with a changing environment: the effects of early-life stress

Vindas, MA, A Madaro, TWK Fraser, E Höglund, RE Olsen, Ø Øverli, TS Kristiansen
Royal Society Open Science 3 p. 160382

The prevalence of vertebral deformities is increased with higher incubation temperatures and triploidy in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L

Fraser TWK, T Hansen, MS Fleming, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Fish Diseases 38 p. 75-89

Vaccination and triploidy increase relative heart weight in farmed Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

Fraser TWK, I Mayer, T Hansen, TT Poppe, JE Skjæraasen, EO Koppang, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Fish Diseases 38 p. 151-160

Increased reactivity and monoamine dysregulation following stress in triploid Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Fraser TWK, M Vindas, PG Fjelldal, S Winberg, P Thörnqvist, Ø Øverli, JE Skjæraasen, T Hansen, I Mayer
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology 185 p. 125-131

Fast water currents reduce production performance of post-smolt Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Solstorm F, D Solstorm, F Oppedal, A Fernö, TWK Fraser, RE Olsen
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 7 p. 125-134

The effect of ploidy and incubation temperature on survival and the prevalence of aplasia of the septum transversum in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L

Fraser TWK, MS Fleming, TT Poppe, T Hansen, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Fish Diseases 37 p. 189-200

The effect of vaccination, ploidy and smolt production regime on pathological melanin depositions in muscle tissue of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Larsen HAS, L Austbø, A Nødvedt, TWK Fraser, E Rimstad, PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, EO Koppang
Journal of Fish Diseases 37 p. 327-340

The effect of triploidy on the efficacy and physiological response to anesthesia with MS 222 and isoeugenol in Atlantic salmon post-smolts

Fraser TWK, I Mayer, JE Skjæraasen, T Hansen, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture International 22 p. 1347-1359

Vertebra deformities in wild Atlantic salmon caught in river Figgjo, southwest Norway

10. Sambraus F, KA Glover, T Hansen, TWK Fraser, MF Solberg, PG Fjelldal
Journal of Applied Ichthyology 30 p. 777-782

Aplasia of the septum transversum has no effect on plasma biochemistry following an acute hypoxic event in Atlantic salmon

Fraser TWK, PG Fjelldal, TJ Hansen, F Oppedal, RE Olsen, T Vågseth, M Remen
Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 111 p. 87-92

The effect of triploidy on vaccine side-effects in Atlantic salmon

Fraser TWK, T Hansen, I Mayer, JE Skjæraasen, KA Glover, F Sambraus, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture 433 p. 481-490

The effect of triploidy on the culture performance, deformity prevalence, and heart morphology in Atlantic salmon

Fraser TWK, T Hansen, JE Skjæraasen, I Mayer, F Sambraus, PG Fjelldal
Aquaculture 416-417 p. 255-264

The effect of triploidy and vaccination on neutrophils and B-cells in the peripheral blood and head kidney of 0+ and 1+ Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) post-smolts

Fraser TWK, A Rønneseth, GT Haugland, PG Fjelldal, I Mayer, HI Wergeland
Fish and Shellfish Immunology 33 p. 60-66

Welfare considerations of triploid fish

Fraser TWK, PG Fjelldal, T Hansen, I Mayer
Reviews in Fisheries Science 20 p. 192-211

Triploidy alters brain morphology in pre-smolt Atlantic salmon Salmo salar: possible implications on behaviour

Fraser TWK, PG Fjelldal, JE Skjæraasen, T Hansen, I Mayer
Journal of Fish Biology 81 p. 2199-2212

Dietary toxicity of single-walled carbon nanotubes and fullerenes (C60) in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Fraser TWK, HC Reinardy, BJ Shaw, TB Henry, RD Handy
Nanotoxicology 5 p. 98-108

The culturable intestinal microbiota of triploid and diploid juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) – a comparison of composition and drug resistance

Cantas L, TWK Fraser, PG Fjelldal, I Mayer, H Sørum
BMC Veterinary Research 7 p. 71

Modelling demersal fishing effort based on landings and days absence from port, to generate indicators of “activity”

Greenstreet SPR, GJ Holland, TWK Fraser, VJ Allen
ICES Journal of Marine Science 66 p. 886-901

Nutritional requirements of cobia, Rachycentron canadum (Linnaeus) – a review

Fraser TWK, SJ Davies
Aquaculture Research 40 p. 1219-1234
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