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Kvoteråd: Snabeluer

Anbefalt kvote 2023
66 779
Anbefalt kvote 2021
66 158
Avtalt kvote 2021
66 158

Kvote for 2024: 70 164

Advice on fishing opportunities

The ad hoc Joint Russian-Norwegian working group on Arctic Fisheries (JRN-AFWG) advises that when the status quo approach is applied, catches in 2023 should be no more than 66 779 tonnes, and catches in 2024 should be no more than 70 164 tonnes.

Stock development over time

Fishing pressure on the stock is above FMSY19+ and spawning-stock size is above Bpa and Blim.

Figur snabeluer
Figure 1 Beaked redfish in ICES subareas 1 and 2 (Northeast Arctic). Catch, recruitment, F, SSB and TSB (total stock biomass, age 2+) with 95 % confidence levels. The biomass reference points relate to SSB.

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