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Inspiring gathering with Strategic Advisory Board

Samling med fagleg råd på Austevoll

Fagleg råd har medlemmer frå heile verda. Leiargruppa, programleiarar og eit par faggruppeleiarar frå HI var også med då rådet møttest for første gong.

– This has been a great and inspiring experience. It’s been fantastic to have access to some of the world’s best researchers for three full days, says Sissel Rogne, the IMR’s Managing Director, who hosted the first meeting of its Strategic Advisory Board.

The ten members of the Strategic Advisory Board are world-leading experts on aquaculture, fisheries and other relevant areas. The board will advise the IMR on its development, tasks and regulatory framework.

Good suggestions for the new strategy

– They have generously shared their knowledge and experience with us. The meeting has provided us with useful suggestions and a fresh impetus for further work on the IMR’s strategic plan, says Sissel Rogne.
The meeting was held in suitably marine surroundings at the hotel Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri. It was also possible to fit in a quick visit to the Austevoll research station. Back at Bekkjarvik, the board learned about the IMR and its role in monitoring, mapping and advising. Presentations were given by the management team and the heads of various research programmes and groups.


Fagleg råd

Fagleg råd skal levera ein årleg rapport til instituttet og Nærings- og Fiskeridepartementet. Dei hadde si første samling i Austevoll.

Foto: Eric Clement


The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has appointed the board, which will deliver an annual report to the Ministry and the IMR. Apart from the two Norwegian members Jarl Giske (University of Bergen) and Nils Christian Stenseth (University of Oslo), the board members come from the US, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, the UK and Germany. The committee is chaired by Poul Degnbol from Aalborg University in Denmark.