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Tina Marie Weier Oldham

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Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


Environmentally responsive parasite prevention halves salmon louse burden in commercial marine cages

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Benedicte Simensen, Henrik Trengereid, Frode Oppedal
Aquaculture 563

Declining size-at-harvest in Norwegian salmon aquaculture: Lice, disease, and the role of stunboats

LukeT. Barrett, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Trond Kristiansen, Frode Oppedal, Lars Helge Stien
Aquaculture 559

Operculum PIT tagging: a viable alternative to avoid human consumption in processed salmon

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Georgia Macaulay, Malin Stalheim, Frode Oppedal
Animal Biotelemetry 9

The potential for cleaner fish-driven evolution in the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis: Genetic or environmental control of pigmentation?

Lars Are Hamre, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Frode Oppedal, Frank Nilsen, Kevin Alan Glover
Ecology and Evolution 11 p. 1-14

Cyclic hypoxia exposure accelerates the progression of amoebic gill disease

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Tim Dempster, Phil Crosbie, Mark Adams, Barbara Nowak
Pathogens 9 p. 1-14

Metabolic and functional impacts of hypoxia vary with size in Atlantic salmon

Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Barbara F. Nowak, Malthe Hvas, Frode Oppedal
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A 231 p. 30-38

Dissolved oxygen variability in a commercial sea-cage exposes farmed Atlantic salmon to growth limiting conditions

Solstorm D*, Oldham T*, Solstorm F, Klebert P, Stien LH, Vågseth T, Oppedal F
Aquaculture 486 p. 122-129

Cage size affects dissolved oxygen distribution in salmon aquaculture

Oldham T, Oppedal F, Dempster T
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 10 p. 149-156

Oxygen gradients affect behaviour of caged Atlantic salmon Salmo salar

Oldham T, Dempster T, Fosse JO, Oppedal F
Aquaculture Environment Interactions 9 p. 145-153

Incidence and distribution of amoebic gill disease (AGD) – an epidemiological review

Oldham T, Rodger H, Nowak B
Aquaculture 457 p. 35-42

) Insights into the evolution of freshwater sponges: Barcoding and phylogenetic data from Lake Tanganyika endemics indicate multiple invasions and unsettle existing taxonomy.

Erpenbeck D, Weier T, Boogd N, Worheide G, Sutcliffe P, Todd J, Michel E
Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 61(1) p. 231-236

Triploid Grass Carp: triploid induction, sterility, reversion, and certification

Zajiceck P, Weier T, Goodwin A
American Journal of Fisheries Management 31(4) p. 614-618

A triploid grass carp risk analysis specific to Florida

Zajicek P, Weier T, Hardin S, Cassani JR, Mudrak V
Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 47 p. 15-20

The effect of inbreeding on fluctuating asymmetry of wing veins in two laboratory strains of Drosophila melanogaster

Carter AJR, Weier TM, Houle D
Heredity 102 p. 563-572

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Miljø, lus og velferd i ny merdteknologi

Frode Oppedal, Lars Helge Stien, Samantha Bui, Luke Barrett, Tina Marie Wier Oldham

Physical prevention of sealice

Frode Oppedal, Lars Helge Stien, Samantha Bui, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Luke Barrett

Rapporter og avhandlinger


Refilling behaviour of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in submerged sea cages with air-dome

Brede Fannemel, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Tom Olav Klepaker

Summary and status of deep lights and deep feed use in commercial settings: welfare, behaviour and infestation at three case study sites — End report from the FHF projects 901154 “Dypelysogfôring”

Samantha Bui, Frode Oppedal, Jonatan Nilsson, Tina Marie Wier Oldham, Lars Helge Stien
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